Yeghnakhagh Mountains

Yeghnakhagh Mountains is located in the northwestern part of Armenia in the Arpi, Tsovak, Khoshapi and Khanishal lakes watershed. It stretches more than 60 km along the state border of Armenia, Turkey and Georgia. It consists of volcanic eruptions. The highest Top Mount Mets (Big) Yeghnakhagh 3042 m. The highland belt has alpine character, there are glaciers of relief. The slopes are muzzled, divided by valleys, in places, in degrees. There are glaciers for stools. Volcanic peaks occur on the islands. Lighter wavy staircase extends across the coast. Summer is cool, winter is cold, annual precipitation is 500-600 mm. Snow cover remains for more than 6 months. The old mountain ranges are rich in springs. Areas of alpine mountain-brown brown and chimeric soils, in lowlands, mountainous melons. The elderly mountain range is covered with steppes and alpine meadows.