Mount Ararat / Արարատ լեռ

Climbing Mount Ararat

Climbing Mount Ararat with Hatis Tour Mount Ararat is the highest peak in the territory of Armenian Highlands (5165 m)....

Apakeqar / Ապակեքար / Апакекар

Climbing Mount Apakeqar


Tapi Berd Fortress / Gevorg Marzpetuni Castle

Tapi Berd fortress or Gevorg Marzpetuni Castle representing a great architectural and fortress building value is situated 6 km. north-west...

Climbing Mount Kotuts

Kotuts Mountain (Կոտուցսար, Kotuts, Kotutsasar) is located 6 km north-west from Urtsadzor village in Ararat province, Armenia, on the right...

Climbing Mount Apakeqar / Վերելք Ապակեքար լեռ

Climbing Mount Apakeqar

March 10 with Hatis Tour, we will head to Tavush Marz - Apakekar Mountain. It is a southwestern part of the Ijevan mountain range... Tesilk Mountain

Climbing Mount Kotuts / Վերելք Կոտուց լեռ

Climbing Mount Kotuts

Climbing Mount Kotuts | Hiking Tours in Armenia | Hatis Tour - with Hatis Tour, we will head to Mount Kotuts, Ararat Province. The moun ... Mount Khosrovasar

Գյուղ Կաքավաձոր


Kakavadzor is located in the Kotayk Province, in the Pambak and Tsakhkunyats valley, at an altitude of 1750 meters above...

Սևանա լիճ

Sevan Lake

Sevan Lake – “The Jewel of Armenia” or the “Geghama Sea” is one of the largest high-mountainous fresh water lakes...


Meghradzor meaning valley of honey, formerly known as Taycharukh, is a village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia, 15 kilometers...