Shushi Province

Shushi Province is one of the 8 Provinces of the Republic of Artsakh. The area of ​​Shushi is 381 km2, the population is 4,324 (2005). The center is the city of Shushi, 1918-1920. The capital of the self-proclaimed state of Artsakh. The surface is completely mountainous and covered with forests and shrubs. In the southern part of the southern part of Hadrut, Mount Kirs climbs to the highest peak, with a height of 2748 meters. The eastern tributary of the Karkar River, Shushinka and the western tributary Kaybali pass through the area. The most picturesque area of ​​the region is the Hunting Canyon.

The region borders on Khachen in the north and east, in the south-east of Varanda and in the west, Kashatagh. As of 2009, there are 8 rural settlements in Shushi, which are united in six communities and one urban community, Shushi.