Shahumyan Province

Shahumyan Province is one of the eight Provinces of the Republic of Artsakh, covering the northern and northwestern parts of the country. With the administrative division of the Artsakh Republic, the Shahumyan region includes the “vaykunik region” under the control of the Armenian Armed Forces. Thus, the Shahumyan region is actually in vaykunik, with a surface area of ​​1,830 km2, with a population of 2,560 (2005).

At present the center is the city of Karvachar. The most important settlements of the district are Aknaberd, Nor Getashen, and Yeghegnut. One of the most important historical sites is Jermajour and the Ishkananist Tsar. vaykunik is rich in historic-architectural monuments. Here are the famous Dadivank, Handaberd, Levonaberd and others.