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Our history

  • Hatis Tour 1981


The Hatis tour started its activities in 1981. on March 2, by Martin Martirosyan (Martin Tatosich), the head of the club. Our main goal is to develop a healthy lifestyle, to strengthen human-natural ties, to recognize the native land and architectural monuments, without any age limitation. Over the years, the club has been conducting hiking, hiking, and participating in numerous national competitions. As a result, several dozens of prizes, trophies, diplomas, and only 1 and 2 places in honorable places. In 2001, by the initiative of Martin Martirosyan, Master of Sport, Master of Sport, a rescue squad was created, which has always been at the top of his life.

Throughout the years, we have carried out many ups and downsides not only in Armenia, but also abroad. Different qualitative upgrades have been made, many traditions have been formed, which are still preserved. The beginning and end of each year is celebrated on the top of Mount Hatis on April 24th, marking the uprising of Mount Ara, on September 21, at the top of Mount Aragats. Hatis Tour has a logo, flag, charter. Over the years, the Hatis tour has been expanding, keeping its traditions and warm atmosphere alive.

  • Tour hiking climbing