Mrav Mountains

Mrav Mountains is the eastern continuation of the Sevan Range. The length is about 70 km. The highest point is Gomshasar mountain, 3724 m. It is composed of volcanic rocks, cropped up with deep gorges and river valleys. The chain begins at the Great Hinal peak (3367 m), with four crossroads in the form of a Cross, Mrav, Sevan, Caflonca and Eastern Sevan. On the chain there are about twenty heights, the height of which exceeds 3000 meters. The most remarkable mountain peaks are Big Hinal (3367 m), Spitakasar (Agdag, 3200 m), Khoroghulag (3462 m), Omar (3395 m) and the last three chains of the chain, Mrav (3340 m), which is also called the mountain range. The Kura mid-stream is the right-wing tributaries and the Tartar River. The landscape is mountainous, on the slopes there are forests, landslides, slopes, landslide lakes.