Kashatagh Province

Kashatagh Province is one of 8 Provinces of the Artsakh Republic. Located in the southwest of the country. This is a link between the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. The Kashatagh region covers the Aghar river basin and the Lower Vorotan basin. It borders on the Syunik Province of the West, in the north and east, in the areas of Karvachar, Martakert, Askeran, Shushi, Hadrut, in the south – in Iran.

The northern part of the region is mountainous, and the southern half is the foothill zone of Artsakh, the Bargushat and Meghri mountain ranges, where the difference in height is relatively small. Center is Berdzor

The area of ​​the region is 3377 km2, the population is 9,763 people (2005). The most important issue is the resettlement and economic development of the Kashatagh. On March 28, 2008, a conference on the development of Kashatag was held in Berdzor.