Hells Canyon & Mount Tezhqar

On Sunday, October 21, together with Hatis Tour, we will go to the Ararat region, Tezhqar Mountain and Hell Canyon. The elevation will start from the village of Tigranashen, climbing the mountain of Tezhqar (1735 m), from which the beautiful view opens up to Ararat valley, Nakhichevan, Vayk, Geghama, Urts mountain range, Mount Ararat. Then we will start landing and will continue the Hells Canyon, which is interesting with narrow gorges, caves, rocky beaches.

The participants must have – backpack, mountain boots, warm clothes (for mountains), warm jacket, hats (both for summer and winter), comfortable gloves, Sweater, sunscreen cream, lamp, sunglasses, gaiters, raincoat, one day food and water

Start: 08 – 00

The participation will cost: 5500 AMD

For more information and registration please call + 37477-939377 / + 37493-554595 or write to our e-mail.  info@hatis.am and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HatisTour