Hadrut Province

Hadrut Province is one of 8 Provinces of the Artsakh Republic. The vast majority of the area is 700–900 m above sea level, and the highest point is the summit of Mount Dizapayt (2480 m). The white temple of the wooden lighthouse is an ancient place of pilgrimage. Most of the region is occupied by dense trees, rich varieties. Because of the mountainous surface, there are fewer useful land use areas. In this regard, the valleys of the Ishkhanaget and its tributaries are relatively favorable.

The climate is usually dry subtropical. The average annual temperature in places with low groundwater levels is + 11.7 ° C, in places with high temperatures of -1 ° C. The average January temperature is -0.7 ° C and +23.6 ° C in July. The average annual rainfall is 500-700 mm. There are 1 urban community, 28 rural communities, 41 rural settlements. The most notable of the rural settlements are Mets Tager, Old Tager, Tokh, Toumi, Azokh, Drakhtik, Ukhtadzor, Tago, Khtsaberd, Apostol.