Gugarats Mountains

Gugarats Mountains a mountain range on the border of Lori and Tavush provinces, the watershed of Debed and Aghstev rivers. It stretches from the eastern edge of the slopes to the north, approximately 80 km. The highest altitude is the Dzharssar mountain, which has a height of 2245 meters.

One of the external chains of the Small Caucasus mountain system. It is located in the north-east of Armenia. It starts from the Halab mountain range, extends north and north-east to the Papakar mountain range. The length (along with the Halab mountain range) is about 100 km, the average height of 2000 m. It consists of low volcanic and volcanic rock. Gugarats mountain range is characterized by strict separation, dense network of erosion valleys and rocky plains. The slopes are steep, with cliffs. Knows the physical shock accompanied by fractures and mudflows. The relief of relief and the active denudation are conditioned by the lithological peculiarities of the rock and the intensification of the antiqualine rise of Mount Chathie.