Bargushat Mountains

Bargushat Mountains eastern branch of Zangezur mountain range, Armenia’s Syunik Province. The valley of Vorotan, Voghji and Geghi. The length is about 70 km and the width is 15-26 km. The slopes are crossed by the valleys of Vorotan and Geghi, with the deep valley (up to 800m) valleys. It is a tornado ridge. Giratagh-Svarants river is divided into western and eastern parts. The western part is a high-calorie fragment consisting of paleose transformed, sedimentary, and volcanic-sedimentary rocks, from granite drift. Here are the peaks of Geghakar (3343 m), Dzarkarr (3270 m) and Dzarnasar (3227 m).

The eastern part, Susanasar, is relatively low and is composed of volcanic rocks of peat and clay. There are iron, copper, molybdenum, gold, manganese, titanium, polymetallic mines, building materials, mines, water outlets. Some of the mines have industrial significance. The Bargushat mountain range is an active geographical period. The climate is temperate, in the high zone, in the cold mountainous, annual precipitation is about 500-800 mm. Winter is characterized by steady snowfall. The slopes are forested, in the highlands, the valleys and alpine meadows.