Askeran Province

Askeran Province is one of 8 Provinces of the Artsakh Republic. The area of ​​the district is 1 222 km ², the population is 16 979 people (2005). It has 42 communities, 47 rural and 1 urban settlements. Center – the city of Askeran. It is located in the central part of Artsakh, covering the Karkar river basin. Center – the city of Askeran. In the south it borders with Hadrut, the east, Martuni and Aghdam. in the west – Shushi and Kashatagh, in the north, in the Martakert regions.

It was rebuilt in 1991. The current territory of Askeran region retained the name Khachen until the 1930s, after which it was called Stepanakert. Since 1978, Askeran region. In 1887-1917 The region entered the Shushinsky district. The territory of the present territory and the Shusha region is formed by the Khachen district, consisting of 5 communities (Dashbulag, Malibeklu, Askeran, Karmiryugh and Berdadzor), which included 65 villages and 2 cities, Shushi, Stepanakert). In 1925, the villages of Shushi and Berdadzor were separated from the Khachen region, on the basis of which the Shusha region was established.