Akhuryan River

The Akhuryan River is a river in the Armenian Highlands. It originates in Armenia and flows from Lake Arpi, along the closed border with Turkey, forming part of the geographic border between the two states, until it flows into the Aras River as a left tributary near Bagaran. The Akhuryan drains an area of about 9,500 square kilometres (3,700 sq mi) and has total length of 186 kilometres (116 mi).

  • Akhuryan River / Ախուրյան գետ / Река Ахурян

Photo By: Artur Martirosyan

Length of Akhuryan River

Akhuryan has a length of 205 kilometers. On the left bank of the river is Gyumri, and on the right bank – the ancient capital of Armenia Ani (totally destroyed). From 1922, the construction of the Shirak canal was initiated by famous engineer H. Hakobyan for the use of Akhuryan water. A. Ter-Godatyan. The canal was commissioned in 1925. Its operation has significantly facilitated land irrigation. The flamboyant Norwegian scientist and world-famous polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen also attended the opening ceremony.