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Climbing Mount Ararat 5165m

Climbing Biblical Mount Ararat 5165m & Western Armenia with Hatis Tour / July, August.
Mount Ararat, Ani, Van, Kars, Bayazit …

Special offers

  • Mount Ararat

    Climbing Mount Ararat

    6 day - 5 night

  • Geghama Mountains

    Climbing Mount Azhdahak

    3 day - 2 night

  • Mount Khustup

    Climbing Mount Khustup

    3 day- 2 night


From Geghard To Garni - Գեղարդից Գառնի
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The route starts from Geghard monastery, which is considered to be a monument of history and culture of Armenia and a part…

Vayk Mountains

Vayk Mountains is a mountain range in western part of the Republic of Armenia, western branch of Zangezur Ridge. T-shape stretches toward…

Teqsar Mountains

Teqsar Mountains is in Vayots Dzor Province, Armenia. From the Sandukhtasar mountain range, about 20 km south-west stretches. The highest altitude is…